Leveraging Revenue Management to Drive Agility & Competitive Advantage

Strong annual revenue growth underpins company value, drives investments and new business generation, and may entice key new talent to join. Yet most companies still manage revenue and revenue recognition compliance in a highly manual way and require large teams who may take weeks to complete revenue close activities. 

Revenue recognition standards ASC 606 and IFRS 15 prompted many organizations to establish new policies and controls and helped drive the creation of data foundations rich with granular contract and revenue data. By leveraging the rich data foundation that came out of compliance efforts to take a more holistic approach to revenue management, companies are driving valuable business outcomes.  

Attend this session to discover what true, data-driven end-to-end revenue management looks like, practical steps toward implementing it, and the organizational value it drives, including:  

  • Significant operational efficiencies  
  • Increased market capitalization  
  • Strategic foresight to support business growth  
  • Increased control and insights around revenue activity 



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