From Dorm to National Brand: How Startup CFO Grew Food Company 50% YoY

JonnyPops’ CFO, Connor Wray, led his company from his dorm room to nationwide retail presence through a decade of 50% YoY growth.

Connor Wray, CFO of organic freezer pops brand JonnyPops, has advice for financial executives: Take a technical approach and look at your underlying technology and process. For Wray, that means looking at the IT background data structures and how the database works to select the right solution.

When JonnyPops launched, the brand operated out of Wray’s college dorm room. His first financial challenge was securing production space in a warehouse facility; his second was to find a software product to help scale the business. That search for scalability helped catapult JonnyPops to 50% year-over-year growth and landed Wray a spot on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list.

This case study of JonnyPops’ success highlights the unusual financial and operational strategies that enabled rapid expansion into a crowded and highly competitive frozen treat market.

Wray’s strategies include:

  • Advanced inventory management and procurement
  • Extending current tech systems without writing code
  • Delivering on the fundamental business in complex environments
  • Reinventing itself — but keeping core business values intact — as the company scales



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