CFO Insights on Inflation, Workforce Challenges, and Future Plans

In this report, executive readers provide a high-level view of finance team projections and strategies.

CFO Executive Readers Provide a High-level View of Finance Team Projections and Strategies

Last month, we surveyed our executive finance audience to understand how they are managing the most significant trends in the current economy. The survey examined how CFOs feel about what’s ahead, the financial strategies they plan to pursue, and how they expect to invest their resources.

We discovered that CFOs are most concerned with:

  • Inflation and developing strategies to manage rising costs
  • Talent acquisition and retention, both in the finance function and the organization
  • The need for further investment in operations technology
  • Cash flow, profitability, and supply chain issues  

While some of our findings were more surprising than others, our dominant takeaway is that CFOs are optimistic on growth initiatives despite the seemingly endless list of challenges they must face in the coming months. Download the survey report to explore our full findings.



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