3 Ways Financial Institutions Can Amplify the Power of Customer Feedback

Surveys show that customers are more likely to use companies that respond to reviews and less likely to use ones that don’t.

For businesses, data gathering isn’t the issue. It’s after the data is gathered that the real challenge begins. Coming up with insightful ways to apply information can be tough. This infographic discusses some of the challenges of using feedback solutions — and how to fix them — including:

  • Aggregating the data and identifying useful trends: Companies can see their CSAT scores, but following up with actionable moves to make based on those numbers can be challenging.
  • Closing the gap between survey data and customer information to provide for optimal follow-up options: Learning, for example, whether a negative survey response comes from a first-time buyer or loyal customer can be valuable.
  • Decreasing the amount of time spent on inefficient manual customer feedback processes: Automating the process makes follow up easier.



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