2023 BDO Manufacturing CFO Outlook Survey Forging the Future

What’s the secret to manufacturing resilience in 2023?

​Manufacturers are optimistic for the future, but significant challenges lie ahead. Could these challenges derail manufacturers’ growth plans?

It’s time for manufacturing leaders to revisit their resilience playbooks. To succeed in 2023, they’ll need to reimagine their supply chain strategies, reconsider M&A plans and prioritize Industry 4.0.

In the year ahead, manufacturing leaders will need to consider the following questions:

  • How can you rethink your network strategy to better serve your customers?
  • Does your onshoring strategy support your full growth potential?
  • How will your innovation priorities change in a downturn?
  • Is the time right to pursue strategic M&A opportunities?

Start building your resilience roadmap today. Download the 2023 BDO Manufacturing CFO Outlook Survey, where we uncover how 125 manufacturing CFOs are planning to get ahead of the competition in 2023.



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