2023 BDO CFO Outlook Survey The Resilient Middle Market

Facing uncertainty and volatility in 2023
Despite the new and ongoing risks that pose a threat to their organizations, middle market CFOs see opportunities on the horizon. Capitalizing on them will require critical business decisions over the coming year.

As a business leader, you have many pressing questions to answer in 2023:

  • What can you do to meet the ongoing challenges of supply chain disruption, economic volatility and geopolitical uncertainty?
  • How can strategies like ESG and cost optimization help your company build organizational resilience?
  • The pandemic accelerated many changes to the workplace — but are they permanent? If so, how can you adapt?
  • Despite the slowdown in M&A activity, are there still dealmaking opportunities to pursue?
  • How will new regulations impact your tax footprint and strategic business decisions?

The 2023 BDO CFO Outlook Survey offers critical insights to support strategic decision-making and help your company thrive. Read on to learn how 625 middle market CFOs are navigating market turbulence and investing in resilience in the new year.

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