Use Indirect Tax to Transform Your Business

Staying up to date with tax management regulations in an economy that continues to undergo drastic changes is challenging. In addition to changing tax laws, many businesses are also struggling with digital transformation and still relying on cumbersome manual tax processes.

However, while transforming the indirect tax function, can be complex, it can also create exponential business growth and mitigate compliance risks. The benefits of an automated tax solution can be seen immediately while creating access to an easier future as well.

This session is led by Larry Mellon, Tax Director in the Chief Tax Office at Vertex Inc. Mr. Mellon has over 30 years of experience in sales and use tax compliance, risk assessment, jurisdictional audits, administration, and management, as well as VAT compliance. Mr. Mellon will cover a variety of topics including the following:

– The current impact of the 2018 Wayfair ruling
– How to navigate complex accurate tax mapping
– Indirect tax influence on digital transformation

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