Unlocking Location-Based Experiences to Drive Sales

Implementing location-based experiences could be the strategy you need this year to boost revenue. There’s no denying the fact that smart phones are ubiquitous and now driving many in-store customer experiences. In fact, in a study conducted recently by Google, 79% of customers said they use their mobile devices to help them while shopping.

Retailers and restaurants have a lot to gain from in-store app experiences too – incremental orders, plus the opportunity to deliver personalized experiences and promote loyalty program offers. It makes sense then that nearly 50% of retailers said that in store mobile app experiences are a priority, according to BRP’s “In-Store Mobility” report. In this webinar, led by two senior tech executives, you’ll learn how:

  • On-premise app experiences drive app engagement
  • Streamlining the pickup process increases revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Personalization, powered by location, should be applied throughout the customer lifecycle



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