Three Tips to Accelerate Time-to-Value When Merging EHR Systems

Healthcare mergers and acquisitions reached an all-time high in 2021, and business leaders are expecting deal volumes to climb in the near future. That means that many organizations will need to consolidate their technology systems, a move that will create efficiencies but require thorough coordination. Given the high levels of burnout amongst caregivers, the need for a smooth transition during the M&A process is critical. Developing a strategy that involves communication, EHR consolidation, and data governance is the first step in a seamless transition.

This webinar by Nordic, a Global Health and Technology Consulting Company, and expert in supporting healthcare mergers and acquisitions through strategic technology integrations, showcases a blueprint for ensuring a smooth onboarding experience. Content includes:

  • Key communication and training tactics
  • Establishing an organizational change management process
  • Guiding principles for reducing stress during EHR consolidation



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