The 4 Pillars of Procurement Success in 2023 and Beyond

As the world continues to respond to ever-changing economic and social realities, procurement organizations are being forced to not only quickly become more intelligent, but do so in a way that’s efficient and cost-conscious. This leaves most teams struggling to find a path to success, but it also presents opportunities to those that can overcome the challenges.

This webinar will provide actionable insight into 4 areas of procurement that leaders can leverage in order to exceed expectations in 2023 and achieve transformative success. In this open, interactive discussion with industry experts, we’ll focus on:

– Why it’s time for procurement and supply chain to have a bigger seat at the table – and how to communicate this within the organization
– The importance of benchmarking in procurement operations and where to start
– Defining business processes that align with critical KPIs of your business
– How to use various types of data to fuel smarter, faster decisions that will accelerate your organization

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