Supply Chain Sustainability Doesn’t Have to Break to Bank

With growing demand from customers and partners, addressing your company’s environmental impact today is absolutely essential if you want to remain competitive and relevant tomorrow. Your supply chain is a great place to start. ​ ​  

Traditional freight shipping is notoriously inefficient and wasteful, which means there’s a significant opportunity for improvement in this part of your business. The best part? Reducing your supply chain’s environmental impact doesn’t have to be costly. In this session:​ 

  • Gain insights into macro CSR trends that today’s businesses are experiencing. 
  • Learn what sustainability leaders are doing to remove barriers to net-zero carbon emissions. 
  • Discover business tactics that improve resource efficiency, reduce costs and minimize environmental output.​ 

Join Flock Freight’s Director of Customer Success Elizabeth Karabetsos and Sustainability Strategist Katherine Stolin, along with Dr. Bronner’s Director of Operational Sustainability & Innovation Darcy Shiber-Knowles and Zauben’s Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Joshua Berger, as they discuss 2022 corporate social responsibility (CSR) trends and how to give your supply chain a sustainable overhaul while keeping costs in check. 

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