Super Converters: How To Turn Your Stores into Super Converting Stores in Time for the Holiday

Shoppers are streaming back to physical stores, but there’s one problem. Sales didn’t necessarily come with them. To ensure they maximize sales this holiday season, all retailers should ensure they have effective conversion rate optimization (CRO) programs for both their e-commerce sites and their physical stores.

But the unfortunate fact is the vast majority of retailers do not have – or have even considered – formally developing CRO strategies for their physical stores, according to Author, Founder & CEO of HeadCount Corporation Mark Ryski. And, given the significant conversion advantage physical stores still have compared to online shopping, every retailer must apply effort to improving and refining conversion performance in their physical stores with CRO. Join Mark as he outlines the ‘must-haves’ for an effective holiday conversion rate optimization (CRO) program, including:

  • Benchmarking conversion performance
  • Identifying and leveraging Super Converters
  • Why A/B Experimentation in physical stores is important
  • CRO Methodology and measurable impact



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