Retail Recruiting, Resiliency, and Retention

Hiring the right talent in retail is crucial. Whether they are in-store associates acting as brand ambassadors or behind-the-scenes personnel designing the consumer experience, employees are selling your products. However, since the start of 2020, hiring and retaining top talent has become increasingly challenging. Retail job vacancies have remained high despite pandemic restrictions easing, leaving many hiring teams asking, “What can I do to attract and entice more talent?” ​ 

Tune in for a conversation with HR experts as they discuss three hot topics: recruiting, resilience, and retention—and how each is relevant to helping retailers thrive in today’s marketplace. Learn about: 

  • Why recruiting can’t solve all workforce challenges 
  • Why creating moments that matter make for better outcomes overall  
  • How listening to your employees can enable stronger, more resilient organizations 
  • Why a skills-based vs. job-roles model will be the conversation for the next couple of years 
  • The importance of personalized employee experience and why it is so critical to retention 
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