Planning a Telehealth Strategy Amid Regulation Uncertainty

​In the public health emergency of the last two years, state and federal regulators pressed pause on stringent laws that regulate remote care delivery. Telehealth use soared. It was a big shift for providers, but they adapted with new models for remote care, and patients have come to expect it, citing convenience and greater accessibility.  

​Some states are now rewinding to prepandemic regulations; others are crafting new approaches to keep offering it. But what federal regulations will look like is a mystery, making it difficult for providers to adopt a long-term telehealth strategy.This is particularly true for healthcare organizations that operate in more than one state.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn from policy experts and practitioners:  

  • Which state and federal policies have had the biggest impact on care delivery  
  • How legislators are trying to balance patient rights with the need for access  
  • Steps you can take now to develop a sustainable and compliant telehealth strategy  



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