Optimizing Signal Management – Gain Efficiencies without Compromising Quality

The rapid increase in data volumes and growing complexity of sources are catalyzing the need for signal detection optimization. Regulators and industry bodies are seeking more in-depth trend analysis that look beyond individual cases or products to identify patterns across treatment categories and patient populations. They want to see companies harness the use of all available data for greater insights about therapy safety, to support future decision making and holistic understanding of risks. We will discuss:

  • How data can be harnessed in new and meaningful ways
  • How to meet Regulatory expectations for documentation and tracking
  • How technology can support smarter ways of working

Learn how to strengthen your signal detection, analysis, and management approach, whilst reducing effort and time. Become equipped with the tools and knowledge to lead your organization to achieve greater levels of quality and efficiency in signal detection and management, coupled with the enhanced understanding and interpretation of your data.



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