Now, it’s Serverless that’s eating the world

​​Unbelievably it’s been over ten years since Marc Andreesen (Netscape, A16Z venture capital) wrote his seminal essay for the Wall Street Journal Why Software Is Eating the World. The pace of software development has accelerated ever since and has profoundly impacted businesses in all sectors, as well as government agencies and education providers. Front and center for users (employees, customers, partners…) are applications. 

Applications are the delivery vehicle for value. The importance of applications for banking, retail transactions and services of all kinds can’t be understated. Neither can the importance of delivering secure applications. In this webinar, we’ll cover:  

  • Why developing applications using serverless functions has become so popular  
  • What are the unique security challenges for serverless applications and why can’t you use application security testing tools developed for the prior generation of applications?  
  • How do you align security with this new world of shipping application value quickly to employees, customers, and partners?  
  • Defending against Denonia, believed to be the first publicly known malware for Serverless applications  



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