Not Just a Trend: Incorporating ESG into your Organization

​​Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards have grown from buzzword to best practice, with investors using ESG as a framework to evaluate corporate sustainability. But many CFOs are skeptical of adopting ESG disclosures because they’re not sure how best to prioritize and measure the data. To date, there is no global standard for how ESG metrics are disclosed, which makes reporting on—and verifying—sustainability progress a challenge.  

NetSuite delivers a full suite of cloud-based business applications that help organizations implement and disclose ESG standards. This webinar was developed to guide CFOs on prioritizing and adopting ESG practices with attainable goals. Content includes:  

  • How to set a destination for ESG goals  
  • How to determine which data insights will be valuable for goal measurement  
  • Tactics for deploying technology to solve for gaps in ESG performance  



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