MedTech Market Access Trends In 2022: Embracing Change And Dealing With It

MedTech Market Access Trends In 2022 is a specially curated series that delivers RIM SMART MedTech insights to the industry.

The series kicks off with “Embracing Change And Dealing With It,” discussing “Change Management” as a critical pain point and identifying how to assess, track and remediate changes across systems globally. This webinar discusses the challenging design considerations in change management systems, while discussing the importance of implementing a rugged system that can handle multiple levers dynamically moving and interacting across Safety, Regulatory & Quality systems.

What You Will Learn

  • Key factors and multidimensional considerations in handling global changes
  • Design considerations and challenges affecting change assessment, tracking and implementation
  • The need for integrations and dynamic workflows across Quality, Regulatory and Safety systems to simplify and process changes effectively
  • Building predictive and adaptive intelligence to be ready for future global changes



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