Iowa: Demonstrating Best Practices in Regulation

Iowa is one of the nation’s leading hubs for finance and insurance, with more than 7,000 companies and 95,000 industry professionals calling Iowa home. Strong leadership has yielded double-digit growth in the state’s insurance industry over the past 15 years and even more growth-driving innovations are on the horizon. 

The state also is home to some of the country‘s foremost thought leaders in insurance regulation. As the industry continues its rapid evolution, these experts ensure that all insurance transactions occurring in Iowa abide by – and set the tone for – industry best practices. 

During this webinar, leaders from Iowa’s Insurance Division will cover some of today’s most pressing insurance-related matters impacting businesses, including:  

  • How recent global events and developments are shaping the insurance industry  
  • Why companies choose to redomicile in states such as Iowa  
  • Considerations for adapting to the life insurance landscape  
  • “Best interest“standards for annuities 



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