Humanizing the Digital Banking Experience: Robots don’t build customer loyalty

​​According to Juniper, the total number of online and mobile banking users will exceed 3.6 billion by 2024, and banking growth is expected to increase by 54% compared to 2020. However, research by Forrester determined that only one-third of customers trust chatbots to handle simple financial transactions. Furthermore, 80% of people polled want to speak with an agent as opposed to a chatbot.

In the new digital world, banks need to find different ways of connecting with customers to meet their needs, while also driving growth. This webinar will discuss humanization strategies that build trust and customer loyalty, including:

  • Balancing digital innovation and human engagement
  • Delivering high touch, low contact interactions at scale
  • Using engagement technology to open up new markets
  • Blending digital and human channels to create a seamless experience

Consumers want to feel good about their interactions with technology, and this requires an element of human connection. Attend Humanizing the Digital Banking Experience to achieve this connection and delight your customers.



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