How to Improve SAP Supply Chain Data Quality for S/4HANA Migration

​Good data quality is one of the most important prerequisites to an efficient supply chain. Not only can polluted data impact your business operations, but it can also create a cloud of distrust internally over your ERP data. Improving your data quality can lead to less bottlenecks, more on-time deliveries and happier customers. However, data quality can be difficult to measure.

Learning how to measure and improve your SAP data quality is an important first step when it comes to taking care of your supply chain health. In this webinar and FAQ discussion, you will learn tips and methods from a leading supply chain expert for creating a stronger supply chain, including:

  • Measuring overall SAP data quality and understanding its importance
  • Identifying and detecting potential risks in your supply chain caused by low data quality
  • Implementing tools to improve data quality and visualize insights with BI dashboards



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