How Life Sciences Companies Are Streamlining Software Validation 

Discover the Possibilities of Self-Validating Software 

While traditional Computer System Validation is rooted in documentation and busy work, newer approaches are more streamlined. Next-gen software validation solutions take a business’s usage into consideration—and can automatically validate with no involvement from the user. This new self-validating software can greatly reduce validation time for businesses, taking it down to just hours or even minutes. 

Join a leading software validation expert as she discusses the next generation of agile Computer System Validation technology. Designed for leaders in the life sciences and software-as-a-service space, this essential webinar will discuss: 

  • Why and how traditional Computer Software Validation holds companies back and limits value for all stakeholders  
  • How to implement a risk-based approach that greatly reduces validation time for your company  
  • How self-validating software is a possible and practical solution for the life sciences community 

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