How CapTech Took Control of its Growth with Workday

Now more than ever, it is critical for project-based businesses to be profitable. In fact, since the pandemic, professional services firms have had to look at the profitability and delivery status of each project even more carefully than ever before. They also must look at their processes to automate functions, drive down back office costs and increase consultant utilization. 

CapTech was a fast-growing IT consulting firm with over 1,000 employees. But CapTech’s systems—some completely disconnecte —spawned data silos. Data quality and governance were poor, reporting was difficult, and many of the processes were manual. Overall, the employee experience needed to be vastly improved. In this webinar, learn how CapTech has been able to:​ 

  • Give managers real-time visibility into projects and deployments 
  • Allow consultants to track project time, expenses and contacts anywhere, from any device  
  • Support 360-degree feedback, contributing to an 87% retention rate 
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