How AI-Driven Accountholder Insights Fuel Record Acquisition, Expansion, and Retention

​​Are you connecting with your highest-value customers? Do you know which of your competitors’ customers have one eye towards the next ATM?  

Resonate enriches your own first-party accountholder data and provides rich, relevant, real-time insights on the values, preferences, behaviors, and financial attitudes that will inspire customers to choose one bank of another. Resonate helps bank marketers understand the evolving customer — and uses AI to scale that understanding to the entire U.S. population. Increasing accountholder base isn’t as simple as offering the lowest interest rate, you need to understand who is looking to switch banks and what will court them. ​ 

In this webinar, you’ll learn: ​ 

  • How Resonate enriches your first-party data to reveal a 360-degree view of your customers and others like them  
  • How to drive more targeted and effective segmentation within the Resonate Ignite Platform  
  • How to leverage 14,000+ insights to develop customer experiences, products, offers, and messaging that resonates  
  • Execute more efficient, scalable campaigns to increase acquisition, expansion, and retention  
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