Fostering Connection in the New World of Work

Human connection is leading the future of work. When people feel they can bring their authentic selves to work and engage with their colleagues in a meaningful way, companies see higher returns on productivity, innovation, and engagement.

​​Despite the value of connection, 60% of employees feel less connected to their coworkers. More than half of employees who left their jobs in the last year said they lacked a sense of belonging. With disengagement and employee turnover resulting in trillions of dollars lost globally per year, not focusing on connection and belonging could be one of the costliest people mistakes businesses can make.

​​Especially during times of global uncertainty, employees expect business leaders to encourage more human and empathetic workplaces. Business leaders have an opportunity to seize the moment and reconnect workers to each other and ignite purpose for what they do.

​​Join us for a conversation with our resident expert, Dr. Olivia Holmes, who will share actionable ways to build more connected and engaged workforces, which can benefit any company in numerous ways.

Key Takeaways:

  • How connection unlocks an engaged, motivated workforce who wants to stay
  • Why workplaces, regardless of hybrid, remote, or in-person, are ideal spaces to encourage meaningful connection
  • Tips to foster connection and build trust in challenging times



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