Envisioning a new customer experience: Visionworks and Meraki

Visionworks is a leading provider of eye care services in the U.S., sitting at the intersection of healthcare and retail. With over 740 retail and clinical locations spanning 40 states, IT operations play a vital role in the shopping experience. Visionworks is in the midst of a cloud migration, which has opened up new capabilities for supporting the retail experience. ​ ​  

Learn how Visionworks partnered with Cisco Meraki to solve in-store density as well as monitoring and reduction of theft. Understand how the technical design enabled a quick implementation and scalability across all locations. Shawnna DelHierro (Vice President, Information Technology Operations) and Jason Whittmer (Director, Enterprise Infrastructure), both from Visionworks, will walk through the pain points the company faced, the decision to implement Meraki, and the technical design of today’s solution.​ 

Key Takeaways:  

  • How to leverage technology to reduce theft and monitor social density 
  • Why Meraki was the ideal technology partner 
  • How to design a solution to scale across multiple locations 



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