Enabling the World’s Most Successful Digital-first Brands 

A brick-and-mortar store’s ability to connect with shoppers is a main draw of shopping in person. On the other hand, e-commerce requires an understanding that online shopping differs from physical retailing, calling for proactive steps that mimic in-person experience as much as possible through sight and sound.​ 

Since many retailers are leveraging imagery, video, and other graphical elements to make shopping online similar to buying in store, they are continually reacting and adjusting to consumers’ shopping habits, staying on top of emerging trends making consumers the center of the brands’ user experience on all platforms.​  

Join this webinar where Cloudinary’s Pradip Lal, Senior Marketing Product Manager with Customer Success Managers, Amo Adams, Hadas Schwinger, and Guillaume Jolly chat about how Cloudinary were behind the scenes players for Bombas and Made.com by:  

  • Getting the basics right, building an intuitive and appealing UX. 
  • Delivering captivating and engaging digital experience.  
  • Create relevant and highly performant content. 
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