Empower, Engage, and Retain Your Hourly Employees with Digital Communication Tools

A recent study found that outdated, legacy technology plays a bigger role in turnover than you might think. Schedule empowerment and flexibility are critical, with 59% of employees citing scheduling issues as a reason they would quit a job. And another 39% of employees indicated poor communication with managers and their company as a reason they would leave their job. 

Watch this on-demand webcast to learn:  

  • The secret to unlocking the power of digital communications to help empower, engage, and retain your frontline employee 
  • How you can provide compliant, modern communications to employees with no help from IT needed 
  • Why a partnership between Operations and HR is critical to success 

While the pandemic isn’t the cause of increased attrition, it is a catalyst for change. “70% of executives say labor shortages – especially in hourly wage jobs – will hamper retail growth in 2022,” according to Deloitte. Now is the perfect time to look at new technology and strategies to help retain the employees you need to grow. 

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