Employee Engagement with Hybrid Work

The office is changing, and so are employee expectations. The shift to hybrid work has brought employees back to the center of the conversation. Now is the time to listen to your employees and learn what they need to be productive and successful. 

Did you know 85% of employees feel that perks are as important or more important to them now, compared to before the pandemic started in 2020? 

We recently polled 576 full-time employees to better understand what they want and need out of their workplaces. Join us as we take a deep dive into the data and explore what employees want and why not listening could be a big risk for your company.  

Together, we’ll explore:  

  • What perks work; 
  • Why workplaces need to be employee-centric; 
  • And how to better inspire collaboration in your offices 

Don’t guess what your teams need, ask them. Then show them you’re listening by creating a workplace that works for them.. 

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