Design For Registration: Principles Of A Global Approach

Imagine…a regulatory bot that could answer your regulatory questions, powered by a level of automated and connected intelligence which could identify errors with submissions. A bot that could learn through time the patterns of required data in each country submission and revise content based on trends from the predicates of previous similar submissions! So maybe we are dreaming a little, yet these hopes for how technology can be in the future drive us to utilize the tools we have today in the present.

The successful future of global product launches is not just captured by the speed of registration alone, but also includes factors such as the predictability of process cycles, delivering consistent right first time submissions, designing for parallel country submissions and executing smarter global change management programs. This requires building market intelligence, assimilating information that captures global variations and requirements per product and country types, and transparent communication with conscious decision making across a company’s global teams.nThis webinar is designed to help you identify and build a better understanding of:

  • What are some go to market challenges faced by organizations today
  • How areas in MedTech global product launches would benefit from Regulatory Intelligence systems
  • Why integration of systems and connectivity between PLM-QMS-RIMs can support regulatory processes
  • The benefits of automation opportunities in data-process and workflows across the product lifecycle



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