Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing: Current and Future States

While cell and gene therapies promise to revolutionize the worlds of rare disease, oncology and CNS disorders, these novel therapeutics are expensive, time-consuming and extremely manual and iterative to manufacture and scale. New genomics technologies are poised to allow for streamlined manufacturing to increase efficiency and decrease time to market and financial investment.

Register for this webinar and join Form Bio’s Head of Solutions Science, Alpha Diallo, PhD, and PacBio’s Associate Director of Product Marketing, Elizabeth Tseng, PhD to learn about next-gen cell and gene therapy manufacturing. Learn how PacBio’s AAV vectors sequencing combined with Form Bio’s computational workflows that build on PacBio AAV data mean optimized AAV design work and shorter timelines for leaders in novel therapeutic manufacturing. This webinar includes discussions of:

  • A brief history of cell and gene therapy manufacturing technologies
  • The future of cell and gene therapy manufacturing with a focus on cost and time-saving methods and tools
  • A platform that simplifies computational analysis for bench scientists, reduces pain in implementing tools for computational biologists and facilitates the distribution of tools from developers
  • Q+A with Alpha and Elizabeth



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