An Insider Look at Supply Chain Laws and How to Prepare for Them

In recent years, many countries have established new laws that affect how companies are required to operate and manage their supply chains. For example, in June 2021, Germany adopted the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, which requires companies registered in Germany to oversee their network of suppliers for sustainability-related issues. This act is at the forefront of supply chain legislation and will likely serve as the model for pending and future legislation in other countries and regions. 

Staying on top of and complying with supply chain laws will require a new approach for many businesses. Everstream has unique insight into German legislation, how it will affect global supply chains and upcoming laws, and how companies can prepare for those changes. Among other points, this webinar will walk viewers through: 

  • Existing and pending global legislation 
  • Why these laws matters for your supply chain  
  • Best practices for preparing for them 
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