A Science-Based Solution to Delivering Sustainable Protein to the Plate  

​It’s no surprise that recent research of pork consumers indicates climate change is one of the most important societal issues we’re facing today. Food choices are more complex than ever, as consumers want confidence that food gets to their supermarket or dinner plate in a way that aligns with their values and expectations – which complicates decisions for the whole supply chain. This webinar will provide clarity on sustainability progress to date and aspirational goals of one protein option – U.S. pork. 

Learn more about: ​ 

  • The current sustainability expectations of the food industry from farm to fork
  • The values consumers are bringing to the table, and
  • How pig farmers are committed to improving and proving their responsibility to people, pigs and the planet through data-backed, science-based goals and metrics that can help the entire supply chain.


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