2023 eCommerce Trends + How They’ll Impact eCommerce Fashion Brands

As eCommerce continues to evolve year after year, we’re beginning to see seismic shifts that go far beyond “providing convenience”. In today’s landscape, where all-time high competition keeps intensifying, eCommerce is beginning to move outside-the-box and then some. Rather than simply ‘improving ‘user experience’ for websites and applications, businesses are instead looking to best emulate the in-person shopping experience from anywhere, allowing for brands to be more creative and experimental.

This has and will continue to result in some new, sometimes unconventional practices designed to push the boundaries of what’s possible for eCommerce, including:

  • How brands are leveraging AI and 3D to allow customers to virtually try on clothing, creating an in-person like experience designed to strengthen brand loyalty.
  • What brands are investing in to drastically reduce the dreaded ‘wrong size orders’, while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction rates.
  • Which strategies brands are using to accurately and efficiently utilize Customer-driven data to adjust grading and optimize the inventory process.

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