Win Customers & Boost Business with Lease-to-Own Programs!

Many retailers shy away from lease-to-own programs due to misunderstanding. Often confused with buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) options, lease-to-own programs present a unique opportunity to empower your customers to get the products they want when they want them, with transparent lease agreements and convenient payment schedules. It’s a great way to forge brand connections with people across all financial levels and backgrounds—helping you enter the inclusion economy.

This playbook will give you a better understanding of the state of lease-to-own partnerships today. You’ll learn about the five common misconceptions that could be preventing you from embracing a lease-to-own program. By the end of the playbook, you will understand how lease-to-own can help retailers:

  • Overcome consumer barriers amid the rapid increase in online shopping 
  • Enjoy a seamless experience in customer conversion 
  • Increase brand appeal and loyalty among Millennials…and more! 


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