Restaurant Owners: What If You Never Had to Think About Taxes Again?

Allowing someone else to take the burden off your shoulders of dealing with taxes is a freeing concept – especially for busy restaurant owners.

Shifting the sales tax burden to a “set it and forget it” app allows owners to shift their attention to running and making their business a success, especially focusing on aspects that will move the needle for their business. The merchant is relieved of a burden, and the state collects its taxes on time, a win-win for all parties.

What if you never had to think about taxes again? While that concept may seem too good to be true, this playbook will introduce you to a revolutionary “set it and forget it” tax-paying app that integrates with the most common point-of-sale (POS) systems. The playbook highlights:

  • How running a restaurant today is “task overload”
  • The risks of miscalculating taxes
  • POS systems 101
  • The benefits of automating sales tax collection and payment – and how it works



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