Nanovaccines: A Breakthrough in Healthcare

​Over the last twenty years, humanity already has faced numerous pandemics. Increases in global travel, trade and an overdependence on antibiotics pose threats that are surpassing control measures, with more than 800 known pathogens having crossed species barriers so far. These convergent factors have created a perfect storm that presents a formidable challenge to healthcare systems worldwide. In response, Iowa-based scientists are spearheading advancements in nanotechnology, immunology and data science to create next generation countermeasures in the fight against infectious diseases.  

During this webinar, experts from Iowa State University and the University of Iowa will cover: 

  • The latest advances in design and development of novel nano-based vaccine technologies and drug delivery vehicles  
  • Advantages of leveraging nanotechnology to prevent and treat infectious diseases  
  • How Iowa’s ecosystem is well-positioned to help translate these new technologies into clinical usage 
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