How to Choose a Future-Ready Location for Your Food Business

In the face of real challenges, today’s food industry leaders have a unique opportunity to address structural deficiencies in our national and global food systems and rebuild them in a groundbreaking way.

As they grow and scale, agtech and agribusiness companies need certain conditions to thrive. They must choose a location that will provide all the support and resources they need for long-term growth and expansion.

This essential playbook explores how to put growth and innovation on the food industry menu by choosing a future-ready location. It highlights key factors your food business should prioritize when engaging in site selection. The playbook highlights:

  • The importance of building a skilled workforce and talent pipeline
  • Why focusing on innovation, connectivity, and sustainability is key in today’s landscape
  • Where to locate your food business to stay on the cutting edge of agribusiness, agtech, and food technology



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