How Retailers Can Train, Engage and Retain Younger Employees

Retailers know customer shopping has evolved over the years. The reality is that employee needs have evolved over that time, too. ​ 

Employers who don’t focus on keeping all demographics of employees happy won’t maintain the talent necessary to keep businesses afloat. Luckily, new tools make it easy for retailers to engage teams and retain staff. This playbook outlines how a sales enablement platform can be used as a valuable retention tool to help accomplish things like:  

  • Make training less of a chore: Employees want on-demand, bite-sized instructional videos that are accessible on social media.  
  • Adopt a mobile-first approach: A good learning partner offers a draft-and-drop microlearning builder that pulls in video and short blocks of text that work well on mobile devices.  
  • Build associate confidence: Empowering associates with the right information at the right time helps them do their jobs effectively.



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