Five Reasons Why Contractors Must Modernize Their Operations

Turning a profit on today’s complex construction projects requires firms to be data-driven, analytical and responsive. Still, many contractors are reluctant to invest in connected digital and cloud-based solutions despite the fact that a technology transformation can increase productivity by 14% to 15%, lower costs by 4% to 6% and drive revenue. ​ 

The hidden costs of doing nothing are huge. If you don’t update your outdated construction management system, your company is more exposed to expenses associated with cyberattacks, project delays, material waste, talent management and more. You simply cannot make smart business decisions when you don’t have access to connected data. Download this playbook to learn more, including:  

  • The five ways outdated, legacy systems can reduce your competitive edge.  
  • How one contractor turned around profits with modernization.  
  • Tips for avoiding long-term technology investment failures.
  • Strategies for making modernization a priority at your company.



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