Digital Customer Service Is A Clear Differentiator for Banks

Thanks to the current economy and demanding digital-first consumer expectations, banks are struggling to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Of consumers surveyed, 79% said they now interact digitally with their financial institutions. Banks that provide superior digital customer service will have a clear competitive edge.

It’s no longer adequate to rely on phone-first customer experiences. A digital customer service platform (DCS) leverages artificial intelligence to support agents, delivers time efficiencies and ultimately drives long-term revenue. The connection between customer service and business success is undeniable. In fact, businesses with high customer satisfaction scores outperformed the S&P 500 by 487%. Are you prepared to integrate a new digital customer service platform at your bank? Download the playbook to learn more including:

  • How DCS platforms deliver omni-challenge solutions
  • Real-world DCS case studies
  • The connection between DCS and brand loyalty



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