Adopting AI Solutions to Improve The Customer Experience

Retailers are faced with staff training and onboarding challenges especially during peak shopping seasons. Rising inflation and inventory challenges are also dipping into profits. To counter these trends, many retail CX executives are turning to artificial intelligence (AI).

AI-powered chatbots deliver improved efficiencies through customer service which is a top priority amongst almost 50% of retail CX leaders surveyed. Self-service software offers customers quick solutions, provides agents with insightful data, and can help retailers scale instantly without having to add or train a lot of staff. Are you leveraging the best CX technology to cut costs and drive revenue for your retail brand? Download the playbook to fully understand the benefits of transforming your CX experience through AI-driven solutions, including:

  • Empowering consumers through self-service
  • Delivering real-time guidance to agents
  • Costs savings, speed efficiencies and brand loyalty boosts



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