5 Steps to Increased Employee and Customer Satisfaction

The Great Resignation has been chipping away at the retail industry for months, with no end in sight. For employers, the labor shortage means empty shelves, reduced hours, and poor execution of services like curbside pickup and buy online/pick up in store (BOPIS) —all of which translate to a diminished experience for customers. As store managers grapple with shrinking teams and stretched budgets, the need to optimize labor is greater than ever, with implications across employee and customer experience. Securing AI-powered workforce management and real-time task management tools to tackle these challenges is the solution.

In this playbook by Zebra Technologies, a leader in innovative digital solutions that analyze and act in real time, experts share insights and case studies on labor optimization through predictive analytics. Content includes:

  • Forecasting for high-volume patterns and seasonality 
  • Self-service options for increased employee flexibility 
  • AI task management solutions 



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