3 Ways Real-Time Visibility Improves Intermodal Shipping Operations

Intermodal is the most sustainable mode of freight transport. However, the mode’s better sustainability hasn’t always been enough to convince logistics managers to choose it since it has several inherent drawbacks, such as unpredictability, risk of product damage and risk of theft — but times are changing.

The volume of intermodal freight in North America is rising, and logistics managers will continue to opt for intermodal shipping as demands for corporate sustainability increase and technology helps mitigate the drawbacks.

This playbook looks at what caused the recent shift in favor of intermodal. It also goes over how today’s real-time visibility technology helps logistics leaders improve sustainability throughout intermodal shipping operations by:

– Enhancing transit predictability and service with instant access to accurate location data
– Reducing the risk of damage with shock and trigger alerts
– Alleviating the risk of theft with location tracking and light alerts

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