3 Ways Holistic Customer Data Provides Game-Changing Insight

Banks have access to a myriad of customer data. But when they’re using siloed systems that cannot pull trends from within that data, they’re missing out. Banks that select unified systems to embrace holistic customer data can more easily tap into real-time analysis and actionable insights that position them to grow and succeed in the […]

3 Ways Real-Time Visibility Improves Intermodal Shipping Operations

Intermodal is the most sustainable mode of freight transport. However, the mode’s better sustainability hasn’t always been enough to convince logistics managers to choose it since it has several inherent drawbacks, such as unpredictability, risk of product damage and risk of theft — but times are changing. The volume of intermodal freight in North America […]

3 Ways Cloud-Based Food Labeling Boosts ROI and Output for Grocers

Today’s consumers are often in a hurry. Whether it’s rushing to a meeting or an appointment, it is no wonder the idea of picking up a quick, ready-made meal has become more appealing. This rise of grab-and-go sections are a significant source of revenue growth for supermarkets. According to a recent report, there were $31.3 […]

School Safety and Security

School safety and security has been a growing concern for districts nationwide as incidents of campus violence have steadily risen in recent decades. New legislation and evolving technologies like artificial intelligence have risen to the forefront in safety solutions available to schools. INCLUDED IN THIS TRENDLINE – Districts turn to AI to keep guns out […]

Elevate Customer Acquisition with BANT Qualified ABM Lead Campaign

Thank you for expressing interest in our services. Your recent download of our media kit indicates that you’ve gained insight into our services and their processes. We are thrilled to present you with a complimentary case study showcasing how Marketboats enabled a client to expand their market share and revenue by precisely targeting high-value accounts […]

Conquering Regulatory Compliance Chaos in Life Sciences

As a drug or medical device makes its way to the market, it passes through critical checkpoints—all of them documented by designs, plans, drawings, schematics, notes, and other proprietary files that comprise the R&D pathway. In life sciences, where regulatory compliance depends on traceability, audit trailing, record retention, and data integrity, a validated and compliant […]

Fraud and AML in banking

In the run-up to 2023, the specter of potential fraud haunted several narratives. It swirled throughout the crypto sector, surfacing in the wake of the bankruptcies of FTX and Celsius. Discover how banks are combating fraud and the challenges financial institutions can anticipate as 2023 wears on. INCLUDED IN THIS TRENDLINE – Panel blasts fintechs […]

Mobile Messaging 2023: 5 Consumer Trends Marketers Need to Know

There’s no denying it – if brands want to succeed in a competitive market, it’s time to take loyalty and mobile messaging seriously. Ignore it and you’ll miss out on a critical opportunity to build relationships with consumers in an intimate and personal setting. This survey report explores the wide range of activities today’s smartphone […]

How to Build an Efficient Enterprise ESG Data Strategy in Banking with Cloud and Machine Learning

For most financial institutions, implementing an enterprise-wide ESG investment and risk-management strategy can be cumbersome. Typical ESG data comes from many sources and exists in multiple formats, often needing the application of sophisticated processes to make the data usable. In this white paper, you’ll learn how global banks create comprehensive ESG investing workflows by harnessing […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Transaction Matching Reconciliation Process

Every sale translates into a transaction that needs to be properly reconciled. For most organizations, the amount of transactions they handle daily far surpasses what they can manage efficiently and, most of all — accurately. As your organization grows and enables consumers to access and buy more goods at a faster pace, the demands and […]

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