Survey Report: Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPIs)

HAPIs affect more than 2.5 million acute care patients each year in the U.S. alone. Standard turning protocols can be difficult for nurses to adhere to when they’re managing competing priorities, and these preventable injuries can result in significant patient harm, leading to cost increases, lengthier hospital stays, and even premature mortality. Healthcare organizations stand to incur significant financial penalties as well as damage to their reputations within the communities that they serve.

How do healthcare executives — and directors and managers in both clinical and administrative roles – perceive the prevalence and impact of HAPIs?

Download the survey report to find out what 198 stakeholders think about pressure injury prevention, turning protocols, and strategies for improving care. Findings and topics include:

  • The severity of financial impacts.
  • Tools and systems do they use and how well do they work.
  • What would make it easier for caregivers to better document turning.



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