Stabilizing the Hourly Workforce: What Workers Need to Stay and Thrive

The hourly workforce has been in a near-constant state of chaos for more than two years, with people quitting their jobs at record levels early in the pandemic,[1] and as recently as April 2022, job openings outnumbered job seekers by nearly 2 to 1[2].​ 

For many businesses that employ hourly workers, it adds up to ongoing turnover, re-training and staffing shortages[2]. What can businesses do to stand out among the competition to retain and recruit employees?  

FoThis research identifies data-backed, need-to-know trends about what hourly workers want (and need) from their employers.  

Watch today to learn:  

  • How employers are rethinking the hiring landscape  
  • New data to better understand key segments among hourly workers  
  • Big challenges hourly workers face and the role financial stress plays in workers’ lives  
  • What makes hourly workers stay and how employers can get it right  



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