Navigating a Smarter Race from Clinical to Market for Oral Solid-Dose Products

For anyone looking to get an early clinical proof of concept and to commercialize an oral solid-dose product these days, fierce competition awaits. But so does opportunity: With rising demand for effective, affordable therapies, manufacturers can capitalize on the quickly expanding market — if they’re fast.

High drug development costs from increasing product complexity have pushed pharma companies to shorten development timelines as much as possible, known as the “race to market.” But scaling up too fast has its risks. How do you balance them for a more efficient and effective development plan?

Join Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Anil Kane and Catie Torricelli as they walk through these trends and discuss opportunities to accelerate timelines, mitigate risks, and approach partner selection.

You’ll learn:

– How to design a start-to-finish development and manufacturing strategy using Quality by Design (QbD) principles, digital modeling, and other best practices
– Opportunities to engage a multidisciplinary approach across formulation development, process engineering, analytical sciences, and regulatory affairs
– Why a global CDMO can benefit any program of any size, even single-molecule, emerging startups

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