How Brands Can Leverage AI to Drive Revenue During Difficult Times

​​​​The collective economic mood is dreary. With inflation, war, supply chain disruptions, and the likelihood of recession looming over us, many retailers and consumers alike are overwhelmed with uncertainty. But if there’s time to worry, there’s time to plan for success—even in an economic downturn.  

As budgets tighten, the great marketers will separate themselves from the competition by driving growth. The key? Shifting your data strategy to uncover and act on evolving consumer sentiment, behavior, and values to boost trust, master loyalty, reduce churn, and acquire customers. To do that, you’ll need to Join Ericka Podesta McCoy to learn:  

  • How you can prepare to make nimble data-driven decisions as consumer sentiment and trends shift  
  • What recession proof brands are doing now to increase revenue, solidify loyalty, and skyrocket consumer lifetime value  
  • Ways to leverage predictive consumer insights and analytics to drive faster insights to action and reduce the cost to fuel your marketing engine  



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